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Violent Video Games

In the s, Atari introduced a game called Pong that was a simple video version of the game ping pong. In the s, arcade games like Pac-Man became dominant. In Pac-Man, a yellow orb with a mouth raced around the screen chomping up ghosts and goblins.

At this point, some eyebrows were raised questioning whether young people should play such "violent" games. In the s the face of video games changed dramatically. The most popular video game of was Mortal Kombat Elmer-Dewitt, This game features realistically rendered humanoid characters engaging in battle.

Video game violence research paper list

As the name of the game implies, the goal of the player in Mortal Kombat is to kill any opponent he faces. Unfortunately, such violent games now dominate the market.

Are Violent Video Games Bad For You?

The research to date on video game effects is sparse and weak in a number of ways. One reviewer and many video game creators have encouraged the belief that "video game playing may be a useful means of coping with pent-up and aggressive energies" Emes,p.

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In brief, what is needed is basic theory-guided research on the effects of playing violent video games. Such research would also contribute to the field's understanding of media violence effects in general.

video game violence research essay

During the last several decades, electronic interactive games have emerged as one of the most popular forms of entertainment, particularly among adolescents. That or mental illness.

video game violence research essay

And now, my own personal experience. Ever since I decided to do my essay on cool thesis project topic, I have been playing extremely violent video games to see their effect on me. So far, all this has done is sucked away hours of my life.

video game violence research essay

I have been a little edgier lately, but that just as well could be from lack of sleep. My belief is still firmly pro video games, even disgustingly violent ones.

Millions of people play, have played, and will play a number of violent video games in their lifetime.

Violent Video Games Are Linked to Aggression, Study Says

Video games are not to be blamed. Saying video games are to be blamed for recent violence is like saying throwing a match into a condemned building is what originally blew it up, not the twenty pounds of C4 planted on the foundation. Also, ratings are made for games, and minors no longer purchase violent games.

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Internet impact on popular music Violent Video Games Video games always provide a great pass time activity for children.

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Journals undermine the review process at their peril, and the peril of science more widely.